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Sleep patterns can affect your personality and level of success | Irish Examiner


Sleep patterns can affect your personality and level of success | Irish Examiner.

Dr Jessica Rosenberg of the Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Jülich, Germany says: “Our results show that extreme ‘late chronotypes’ (night owls) show differences in the diffusion of water molecules in areas belonging to the white matter of the brain as compared to early and intermediate chronotypes (larks).”

This indicates a difference in the level of signal transmission, or communication between brain areas, she explains.

This could be linked to depression in owls, who suffer a kind of ‘jet lag’ by being forced to reluctantly participate in a world of early risers which is in conflict with their natural tendency to sleep late. 

The fact that night-owls show a much larger ‘discrepancy’ than early risers between individual sleep preferences and normal work schedules can lead to what she calls “the accumulation of a substantial sleep deficit during the working week”.

And, as much research has shown, there are links between depression and lack of sleep.

Also, studies carried out at the University of Western Sydney reveal that a night owl is more likely to be narcissistic and more Machiavellian in their desire to manipulate others — and may even be more inclined towards callousness and insensitivity.

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Connectivity: The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Brains — PsyBlog

Connectivity: The Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Brains — PsyBlog.

A fascinating new study on the brains of 949 young people finds striking gender differences in the brain’s connectivity between males and females (Ingalhalikar et al., 2013).

From the 428 males in the study, the researchers found that the connections in men’s minds ran more between the front and the back, within the same half of the brain.

This may help to explain men’s advantage with motor and spatial skills over women since front-to-back connections help link perception with action.

This may help explain women’s improved memory and social skills, since communication between the halves of the brain helps link intuition with analysis.

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Are You Awake? I Don’t Think So!

Photo Credit -Alex Bramwell

Photo Credit -Alex Bramwell

Several years ago, a patient surprised me, and the staff, “Doc, this is the first time I came to your clinic. I wasn’t here last week.” He, in fact, was seen at the clinic the prior week (he had filled out all the necessary paperwork, and had a progress note to prove his visit) and was sent to the sleep center for a sleep study! But, he was so sleep-deprived that he was living in a truncated level of wakefulness that he did not remember to coming to the clinic at all. For people like this, a quote shared by another patient comes true, “It feels like when I went to bed I was 18, and when I woke up I was 81!”

If you take care of your sleep, only then you can reach the highest wakefulness, a state full of lasting energy, enthusiasm, vigor, and vitality. At that highest level of wakefulness, you can squeeze out one magical moment after another from this greatest gift called life. If not, then your whole life will feel like a fleeting moment.

Here is how you can get started.

  1. Make sure your bedroom is dark, cool, and quiet.
  2. Reserve your bedroom for sleep and sex only. Keep work-related items out of the bedroom.
  3. Always maintain a consistent time to rise, even when circumstances prevent you from going to bed at your normal time. And, yes, that includes weekends.
  4. Avoid consuming alcohol three hours before bedtime.
  5. Avoid eating a heavy meal before bedtime because the process of digestion will interfere with falling asleep and may reduce the amount of deep sleep.
  6. Sweat for sound sleep.  
  7. Stay away from caffeine, certainly after one o’clock. 
  8. Do not nap after two o’clock, and do not nap for longer than twenty minutes.
  9. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. Listen to the music. Read a nice book. Take a warm shower because the cooling off promotes sleep.
  10. Pray on the pillow. 

If you follow these tips consistently and religiously, only then you can be at the highest level of wakefulness and only then you can proclaim, “I am awake.”

So, Are you awake yet?

5 Reasons You Must Meditate While Traveling


Have you ignored meditation while traveling? May be you didn’t have time. You couldn’t find the right setting or the correct mood to continue your meditation practice on the road. Here, are the 5 benefits I have experienced first hand.

1. It reduces the aches and pains you may feel as a result of a long drive or a stiff and uncomfortable airplane seat.

2. It reinstates the joy, energy, enthusiasm, and elation, while driving away the anxiety, fear, and gloom.

3. It improves your productivity, because you are not waiting till you get home to address that vital task.

4. It improves your deep sleep especially when done at bedtime.

5. It eliminates the home sickness and that feeling of disconnectedness as you feel inseparably connected to the whole world and not just your home. Remember, Buddha used to travel on feet from a village to village to spread his message, and he used to meditate in the jungles, underneath a tree or on the bank of a river, even in the burial ground.

Hence, shed off the inhibition, get in the groove, keep meditating, and enjoy this gift of life even while traveling.

10 Tips for Effective Networking Even When Sleepy and Tired

Réception de la délégation de Kalymnos à Arles
Studies have shown that we are not at our best in social interactions when sleepy. We are too tired to care, talk, or connect. How can we form lasting bonds and grow our network even when tired? The following are a few helpful tips.  Use them when attending a high profile event after a long and tiring day.
  1. Smile often and try to be happy. Studies have shown decreased subjective rating of happiness by sleep-deprived people. Make a conscious effort to neutralize it.
  2. Learn the big art of small talkExpress genuine interest in others’ lives and interests. 
  3. Relax and enjoy. If you are relaxed, you will appear relaxed.
  4. Look in the eyes when talking. When sleep deprived, we are unable to accurately recognize emotions. Paying attention and looking in the eyes help counteract this deleterious effect. 
  5. Talk slow, think fast. When sleep deprived, our speech tends to be difficult to comprehend especially in a noisy venue.
  6. Be humble and polite. Tiredness may bring a tone of arrogance in our voice. 
  7. Pause before speaking. Studies have shown that when sleep deprived, we tend to be reactive. A pregnant pause before making an important statement can help. 
  8. Avoid awkward situations. Identify in advance what makes you uncomfortable, and then design a strategy to address it. 
  9. Be perceptive. Poor sleep impairs our situational awareness. Make a conscious effort to neutralize that deficit.
  10. Be fearless. Sleep deprivation puts our Amygdala, the fear center, in an overactive mode. This may make you diffident. Overcome it, mingle freely, and have a blast.

 Remember, even when tired, we can form lasting bonds and even better yet, enjoy the function. Best wishes. Go out and have fun.

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