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Meditate As You Work

Photo Credit Soni Metz

Photo Credit Soni Metz

I am not an early morning person, hence most days, I don’t have time to meditate before I leave for work. Daily lunch meetings make it difficult to carve out time for meditation. These are the days I meditate as I work and it has helped me greatly. You too can try it.

Take a slow deep breath as you silently say AUM. Notice the air going through the nostril. Pleasantly notice your entire body relaxing as you breathe out. Think of the Divine within as you repeat this several times every hour. If your work environment permits, you can close your eyes too.

Once you start doing this, you will notice that you do not get tired, exhausted, and cranky as the day goes on. Your interpersonal skills improve because of the empathy emanating from the Divine within. You connect easily. Doubts disappear. Problems turn into opportunities. Your confidence soars. You go home with energy instead of exhaustion.

As I practice this, I feel buoyant. My neck tightness is gone. I am solving the tough patient management problems efficiently and effortlessly. Perennial headaches from the insurance companies don’t bother me. I am able to deal with them effectively. I am laughing with my patients. I am cracking jokes with my colleagues. Life is great!

So, go ahead, Meditate as you work. Take a slow deep breath as you silently say AUM. You can say Jesus or Allah or any other name based on your preference. You may not say any word if you so choose. Just focus on your soft breath. I use AUM as it is the primordial sound that is the name and also the form of the ultimate reality. It wakes up the Divine stationed within all of us and in the Universe. It connects me to that inexhaustible wealth of energy, love, and bliss.

Peace. Love. Bliss.

Learning to See God in the Faces of Poor

My Monday morning at our Sneeze & Snooze Clinic started with a string of Medicaid patients.

I have always worried about the financial health of the Clinic when I see patients with Medicaid and other similar insurances, since these insurances do not pay enough to cover the cost of providing care. 

Then I remembered a word from the Sanskrit language, Daridra-Nayayan, which means “God presenting as poor.” This concept lifted the veil of ignorance.

Now, I am learning to see God in the faces of these patients. I worry less now. I talk to them with more compassion. My blood pressure and heart rate are lower now. I sleep better too.

I do still work hard and smart. I trust the Lord will keep the Clinic financial solvent. If not, I will SMS for help! 

God bless you.

The Most Surprising Attribute of Great Leaders — PsyBlog

Mahatma Gandhi's Statue at Sabarmati Ashram. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Mahatma Gandhi’s Statue at Sabarmati Ashram. Photo Credit: Wikipedia


New research published in Administrative Science Quarterly once again finds that it’s humility which can produce the best performance from an organization.

The finding comes from interviews with CEOs of 63 Chinese companies and around 1,000 of their employees (Ou et al., 2014).

They found that CEOs who were humble were more likely to empower the top management team, which in turn enabled the management team to be better integrated.

The empowering organizational climate then trickled down through the middle managers which increased their job performance, commitment and engagement with work.

To read more, please click on this link

The Most Surprising Attribute of Great Leaders — PsyBlog by Dr Jeremy Dean.



Turn “Death by Overwork” into Eternal Health

A 36 year old engineer, father of two beautiful kids, drops dead of a massive heart attack at work in a Toyota plant at 6 am.

Death by overwork, called Karoshi, is an occupational disease extensively studied in Japan. In 2007, about 355 workers fell severely ill or died from overwork, the highest figure on record and 7,6 percent up from the previous year, the ministry of health, welfare and labour of Japan said. Of the total, 147 people died many from strokes or heart attacks.

Studies have shown that working more than 60 hours a week increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and premature death. Studies have further shown that it is the negative emotions associated with work and not the work itself that kills us prematurely. If we associate positive emotions with our work can we reverse these deleterious effects? Can we enhance the health? Can we live forever if we work incessantly with profound faith, unconditional love, and persistent fearlessness?

How can we achieve this? Just telling everyone and yourself that you love your work isn’t enough. I will share a story. My son’s elementary school teacher, Mrs. Roth, a pleasant lady in her thirties, shared with me what my son had tod her. “My dad comes home from work, goes upstairs, and falls asleep.”  After the meeting, I went home and gently confronted him. His chubby cheeks fell almost to his shoulders and then he said, “But, that’s what you do daddy!”

It made me think hard. I loved my job, then why should I be coming home with headaches, neck tightness, back pain, and burning stomach? I dug deep and found out that I was constantly worried about missing a diagnosis of early stage lung cancer, a patient bleeding to death after a biopsy, a colleague behaving unprofessionally, declining income, or a loss of independence. Once I realized this, I could replace them with positive emotions; joy, enthusiasm, optimism, faith, and patience. Studies have shown that those who work with happiness, optimism, and emotional self-control do have a lower incidence of coronary artery disease.

Kubzansky and Thurston’s (2007) followed a cohort of 6,025 men and women aged 25–75 years for an average 15 years. Over this period, 1,141 developed Coronary Heart Disease. A measure of ‘‘emotional vitality, an amalgam of vitality (sense of energy and pep), positive well-being (happiness and life satisfaction), and emotional self-control (feeling emotionally stable and secure) was derived from the General Well- Being Schedule (Fazio, 1977). Participants with greater emotional vitality were at markedly reduced risk for CHD, and this effect remained significant after accounting statistically for age, gender, ethnicity, marital status, educational attainment, blood pressure,
cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), smoking, alcohol use, physical activity level, diabetes, hypertension, and psychological illness.

I urge you to work with energy, enthusiasm, optimism, and happiness. Close your eyes for 10 seconds or so. Dig deep down and find out those occult fears, anxieties, worries, insecurities, and other negative emotions. Replace them with positive ones; optimism, enthusiasm, faith, and fearlessness. If you do that, then you shall reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and premature death. And if you maintain them all-day at work, you might just live forever!

In conclusion, negative emotions associated with work kill. If you diagnose these negative emotions and then replace them continually with positive emotions, you will reduce the incidence of Coronary Heart disease and better yet, you might just live forever.


I am a Verbal Pause

Photo Credit: DavinciS

Photo Credit: DavinciS


As a kid growing up in rural India, I remember people, who worked in our farms, cleaned our streets, and helped the community wherever the help was needed. They belonged to a caste called Bhangi or untouchables.  When they came to our house to get grains or food for their consumption, we would throw food in the bowl such that our hands won’t touch even the bowl. Members of that caste kept our streets and our homes clean. They worked in the farms. They helped us everywhere and yet they were treated like that.
Now, decades later in the Toastmaster world as a verbal pause, I feel like an untouchable. We, members of the verbal pause community, do your dirty work. We come to your rescue when even your loved ones refuse. We fill up that uncomfortable space between your sentences. We save you from that malignant silence lurking behind the podium waiting to attack you.
We are omnipresent. We come to your rescue everywhere; in the classrooms, in the board rooms, and in the situation rooms. If there are speakers on other planets or another galaxy, we are there too helping those lonely creatures.


We do not discriminate either; we help both the rich and the poor, females and males, the blacks and the whites. We help the young and the old alike.
We help you even if you speak English, or German, or Spanish, or Hindi or any other language in the world.

We are eternal. We were here before the language began and we will be here if God forbids the language ends for any reason.


Let us also talk about our competitor; the overvalued and over-appreciated the so called silent pause. Let me remind you that silence is death, and sound is life. Haven’t you heard the newborn’s first cry after a protracted labor? On the other hand, I have seen as a pulmonologist the agonizing silence immediately preceding and following a person’s death. We are a much better alternative than that deathly silence.
In summary, all we ask is that you treat us better.  When you count us during a speech, please count us with compassion, not with contempt.  We urge you to treat us not as those untouchables, but as fellow humans.

Please give equal respect to the spoken words and verbal pauses, because all sounds, just like all humans, are created equal.

All sounds are created equal.


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