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5 honest truths about mental health.

4 Big Reasons to Look at The Whole World as Your Family

My Ancestral Journey (National Geographic's Genographic Project)

My Ancestral Journey (National Geographic’s Genographic Project)

Several months ago, one of my patients, a vivacious young lady with asthma, asked me if I was related to Dr. Patel she saw when her asthma acted up during her trip to Alaska. After a brief pause, I answered, “Yes if you trace my ancestry far enough, you will find that he is related to me.”

Curious about my ancestry, that very same week I sent my DNA samples to National Geographic’s Geno 2.0 Project, where such DNAs are analyzed to track the migratory patterns of our ancestors. They have received close to a million samples already! After 8 weeks of anticipatory waiting, I got my report back. And guess what? My ancestors and your ancestors started their journey together 70,000 years ago from the same place in Africa. Some went to Europe, some to Americas, some to Australia, and others to Asia.

This proves that this whole humongous world is your family, my family, our family.

Does this really matter, you may ask? Do I really care? Why should I care? Here, are the reasons.

1. You can tap into energy of the whole world. A kid screams in Kansas, you absorb that energy just like Sulley in the movie, Monsters Inc. Teenagers around the world are energized about starting college, you too are energized. Athletes across the ocean are pumped up about playing an important game, you too are pumped up. Believe me, you will never feel exhausted again.

2. You can bathe in the bliss of the entire population. A kid in Hawaii is happy for no obvious reason, you are happy too. A woman is elated seeing her husband on his return from overseas duty, you too are elated. A businessperson is ecstatic with millions of dollars of profit, you are ecstatic too. You have never experienced this much bliss ever before, but now you can.

3. What about all the miseries and murders in the world? You have to believe this – there is and there has always been more Divine than Devil in the world. And what about your own doubts and challenges? Well, you can divvy up all your doubts, miseries, griefs, and problems amongst 7 billion people! You will make them disappear in a minute.

4. When you pray, you are praying for 7 billion people and when 7 billion people pray, they will pray for you. Wow, what an arrangement! Need I say more here?

Have I convinced you yet? Let us try it. Take a slow, deep breath and feel the energy, the bliss, and the prayer of the 7 billion family members.

Try it. You have nothing to lose.

Blessings for a blissful life.

Learning to See God in the Faces of Poor

My Monday morning at our Sneeze & Snooze Clinic started with a string of Medicaid patients.

I have always worried about the financial health of the Clinic when I see patients with Medicaid and other similar insurances, since these insurances do not pay enough to cover the cost of providing care. 

Then I remembered a word from the Sanskrit language, Daridra-Nayayan, which means “God presenting as poor.” This concept lifted the veil of ignorance.

Now, I am learning to see God in the faces of these patients. I worry less now. I talk to them with more compassion. My blood pressure and heart rate are lower now. I sleep better too.

I do still work hard and smart. I trust the Lord will keep the Clinic financial solvent. If not, I will SMS for help! 

God bless you.

God Works, I Don’t

Photo Credit Soni Metz

Photo Credit Soni Metz

Dr. VanCuren, a respected obstetrician and my mentor, used to worry about my incessant work. “You are always here, Yatin. You admit from ER. You take care of ICU patients. You work at the cancer center, not to mention the sleep center.” And I used to tell him that I try to follow the teaching of a wise Indian man, who had said 4000 years ago that work is always done by God, but our inflated ego wrongly makes us believe that we are the doer.

He listened to this year after year and then finally one day got irritated and said, “Now, I am not worried about you, but about the God whom you are working to death!”

Joking aside, this is an eternal truth. The sage explained further that every action needs not just you, but also the existence of time, space, people, processes, equipment, and the divinity. So, abolish your ego and let God work for you.

Believe truly that you are just an impartial instrument in the hands of God. When you genuinely believe it, then the fear of failure evaporates. Your goals become big, hairy, and audacious. You won’t stay up at night worrying about your demanding work the next day. You will enthusiastically and confidently look forward to your work. You won’t be looking at the clock all-day next day. Problems will turn into opportunities. Colleagues will become friends and competitors will become team members. Angry customers will turn into your word of mouth marketing champions.

It is a wonderful feeling. Try it. Here is how you can get started. The night before you start your work, say this to yourself, “I am not going to work tomorrow. The God is going to work through me.”

Repeat this sentence to yourself in the morning before you start working. Remember it when working. Repeat it in your mind all-day and see the difference.

Your headaches, neck tightness, and that burning in the stomach will disappear. Your blood pressure will be lower. Your nerves would be calmer. You will emanate peace, joy, optimism, and enthusiasm at your place of work and beyond. And most importantly, you will come home physically, emotionally, and spiritually energized. God has such influence if only you could let God work through you.

Intelligent People Are More Inclined to Trust Others — PsyBlog


Intelligent People Are More Inclined to Trust Others — Jeremy Dean, PsyBlog.

Intelligent people are more likely to trust others, according to a new analysis of US public opinion poll data. This may be because more intelligent people are better judges of character.

The study, published in the journal PLOS ONE, analysed data from the ‘General Social Survey’, which asks a nationally representative sample of Americans about their attitudes and characteristics (Carl & Billari, 2014).

The researchers focused on the idea of generalised trust: not trust of close friends and family, but of other unknown members of society.

People were asked: “Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted or that you can’t be too careful in dealing with people?”

They found that people who were more trusting were also happier and had higher levels of physical health…

Previous research has found that people who are more trusting are:

More likely to start a business.

More likely to do voluntary work.

Happier with their lives.

Have better physical health.

Please click on the link above to read more.

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