Mumbai Gang Rape – Why We are More Guilty


Photo Courtesy Telegraph

All five accused have been arrested, but there are a billion more who are infinitely more guilty than them and yet are walking freely. Yes, we all are guilty of inaction, lethargy, sloth, and complacency. We are proving yet again that humanity has been hurt more by the inaction of the good men than the actions of the evil men.

Here are 5 ways we can get started in the right direction.

1. At an individual level, let us dig deep down in our minds. Let us learn to treat females and males with equal respect. Let us celebrate the arrival of a female child with the same enthusiasm, elation, and excitement.

2. At the family level, let us learn to treat the male and female members of the family the same. Let us teach our sons, brothers, and fathers to treat females with dignity, respect, and love. Let us encourage our daughters and sisters to learn and earn all the times. Let us teach them personal defense just like Buddhist monks did to protect themselves. Let us encourage them to learn Karate and Jujitsu. Let us teach them safety consciousness.

3. Let us stop subtle harassment of females in our schools and colleges, which are the brewing ground for such atrocities down the road. Let us provide tough guidelines for the teachers, principals, and college administrators to nip this evil in the bud.

4. At the community level, let us not forget the power of civil disobedience. Keep this issue on the front burner until it is solved completely. Let us keep on protesting. Let us use our freedom to lay this inequality in front of the conscience of the nation. Let us not stop until females can walk free on our streets, until they can learn and earn without being harrassed, and until they can enjoy life without any fear.

5. Stop blaming the government. We live in a democratic society. Bapu stood for the right against the might of British in the absence of democratic power. He did not have the luxury of internet and digital media. Let us use our voting power smartly. Let us create an ongoing on-line ranking for the candidates and then vote for the candidates, who score high on women’s issues.

Remember, a nation can never prosper by suppressing and humiliating its better half. Rupee can never recover its strength unless Saraswati and Laxmi Devi have been elevated to their rightful divine status.

Let us get started. Let us work at the individual level, at the family level, at the community level, at national level and at the global level. Let us undo the evil that has been allowed to grow for centuries. It is about time we took the blame and took the necessary action to reverse the evil. If we do not do this, we shall bear the greater guilt than those 5 accused.


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